Alaska King Crab Fishing Season

The Alaska King Crab season approximately starts from October to January and there’s nothing more a crustacean lover could ask for. Each season on Dutch harbor, Alaska, around 250 fishing boats costing several million dollars made especially for crab hunting would come in search of the Alaskan Red King Crab. The Red King Crab is the largest of the crab species and is highly valued for its meat. It has become a delicacy around the world and hence the most lucrative catch.

In Alaska, three varieties of King Crabs are caught commercially with different harvesting seasons. U.S. Red King Crab is mostly found in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska and is the most prized out of the three. The Blue King Crab is mostly found in the St. Matthew Island and the Pribilof Islands whereas the Golden King Crab is mostly found in the Aleutian Islands. Another variety called the Scarlet King Crab is a rare variety and although the meat is sweet and tasty it is not considered commercially feasible. Read more

Try Some Great New Dinner Recipes Featuring Alaska Seafood

Looking for something new and exciting for dinner tonight? Why not try some popular Alaska seafood recipes instead of the same old processed or prepackaged dinner? Not only delicious but good for you, it's easy to know you're looking a fresh, wild, organic dinner when working with Alaska seafood! Get started with some of these […]

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Red Alaska Canned Salmon Recipes For Your Family Dinner

Feeding your family of five is always a challenge. In addition to meeting the needs of the taste buds, you also work to provide healthy, nutritious food because you love to protect your family in more ways than one. Fortunately, cooking can be fun and simple with red Alaska canned salmon. Not only are there […]

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The Perfect Way to Make the Perfect Crab Catch

Fishermen and women around the world spend hour on hour, day upon endless day, scanning the seas in hopes of making that perfect catch. But for others, it is about taking advantage of the limited fishing seasons that their desired seafood is readily available. Such is the case when dealing with Alaskan king crab fishing: […]

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Delicious Dinner Ideas Using Alaskan Seafood

There are a wide variety of delicious seafood recipes out there, but consumers should note that sablefish, found in the North Pacific and very popular in Alaskan, Canadian, British, and Japanese diets, also goes by a variety of other names, including butterfish, black cod, bluefish, and coal cod. The delicious texture and rich flavor of […]

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Cooking Crab Cakes For Appetizers Or a Main Course

Traditionally associated with Maryland and the Northeast coast, crab cakes are even better when using wild Alaska crab. It's easy to achieve a fresh flavor year-round when using Alaska crab, as you can get it fresh, frozen, or canned and still be guaranteed the high-quality texture, flavor, and nutrients that Alaska seafood is prized for. […]

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Enjoy Fresh Alaska Salmon This Summer Season

Anyone who considers themselves a seafood connoisseur is probably aware that seafood, just like many other naturally harvested food items, has its seasons. Even if you're just getting started on a career as an at-home, expert, seafood chef, picking up on the various varieties of available fresh Alaskan seafood and their "seasons" will keep your […]

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The Importance of Fisheries Management in the Seafood Industry

Since adding literature mandating sustainable fishing practices was added to the Alaskan Constitution in 1959, the state of Alaska has been a modern model of fisheries management. The field of fisheries management utilizes fisheries science in such a way as to allow for some exploitation of seafood species populations without completely extinguishing them from their […]

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The Overwhelming Health and Environmental Benefits of Alaska Whitefish

Alaska whitefish can be enjoyed in numerous ways-as an appetizer, in salad, as the entrée, and even in soup. The healthy, lean meat alternative gives you the taste of seafood that you love and crave. Whether you grill, pan fry, or steam the whitefish, it will give you the delicious flavors and rich vitamins that […]

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Meet an Industry Leader in the World of Fish & Game

Alaska has long been known as an industry leader in terms of working to combat such devastating and potentially irreversible practices as overfishing and bycatching. With global commerce on the rise in the past century, consumers in markets from China to England have begun to demand the availability of particular types of fish and seafood, […]

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How to Master a Good King Crab Legs Dish

No other seafood producing region in the world has been as consistently or as emphatically lauded as the waters of Alaska, where one of the world's most high-tech, sustainable and clean fishing industries carries out its work. The quality of the seafood being harvested in Alaska has been preserved by the ecologically friendly methods put […]

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