Alaska King Crab Fishing Season

The Alaska King Crab season approximately starts from October to January and there’s nothing more a crustacean lover could ask for. Each season on Dutch harbor, Alaska, around 250 fishing boats costing several million dollars made especially for crab hunting would come in search of the Alaskan Red King Crab. The Red King Crab is the largest of the crab species and is highly valued for its meat. It has become a delicacy around the world and hence the most lucrative catch.

In Alaska, three varieties of King Crabs are caught commercially with different harvesting seasons. U.S. Red King Crab is mostly found in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska and is the most prized out of the three. The Blue King Crab is mostly found in the St. Matthew Island and the Pribilof Islands whereas the Golden King Crab is mostly found in the Aleutian Islands. Another variety called the Scarlet King Crab is a rare variety and although the meat is sweet and tasty it is not considered commercially feasible. Read more

Preserving Valuable Natural Resources, Like the Alaskan Crab Stocks

Alaska is sitting on an enormous gold mine (and no, this is not a reference to the gold rush the state experienced in the late 19th century), and as a consequence the state has a responsibility to ensure the responsible and sustainable harvesting of its most ample natural resource: its abundant fisheries. No other state […]

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Alaskan Seafood for the Soul

Want Seafood? Go Alaskan! A few miles north of mainland America is Alaska, the lone state, and the proud producer of some of the world’s finest seafood. The pristine waters of Alaska are home to five different varieties of Salmon, four different varieties of Whitefish, and a myriad of jumbo-sized shellfish. Alaska offers clean, untainted […]

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Crab Fishing in Alaska – Fishing for Riches

No it isn’t Bill Gates. It isn’t the diamond merchants of South Africa or the oil barons of Saudi Arabia either. The world’s highest paid job is crab fishing in Alaska. The frigid waters off the Alaskan shoreline house a veritable fishing goldmine and crab fishing in Alaska has been aptly dubbed the last great […]

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Alaskan Cod Will Make You Want to Go Wild

Thousand of miles away from any significant sources of pollution, Alaska's waters are among the cleanest in the world. A marine habitat is this pure and provides a seafood harvest remarkably free of contaminants. Wild Alaska cod is a prime example of the quality fish harvested from a truly pristine environment. These fish are wild-caught […]

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The King Crab – The Soup, Bisque, and Chowder

If you're looking for the best in seafood soups, you've come to the right place. This is what the Alaskan king crab is known for. Not only for its great size and naturally sweet taste, but also for its versatility when it comes to recipes. From baked crab cakes to crab stir-fry, from main dish […]

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Alaskan Crab Recipes For Dungeness and King Crabs

With so much great seafood, it’s no surprise that the crab meat coming out of Alaska is second to none. Especially prized among Alaska’s crab offerings are the king crab and the dungeness crab. Both are considered to be among the finest, most exquisite varieties of crab to be had anywhere. The dungeness crab season, […]

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Cook it Frozen – Pan-Searing Techniques For Alaska Seafood

Many cooks in kitchens across the country assume it's a big no-no to cook frozen seafood. However, the experts that know Alaska seafood better than anyone say it is not so. You can have an amazing seafood dinner in as little as 15 minutes with tips and tricks from the chefs who make cooking with […]

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The Importance of Sustainability Measures For Alaska Seafood

Many people have heard about sustainable Alaskan seafood, but not nearly as many really know how or why sustainability is so important when it comes to the seafood industry. Consumers may specifically choose Alaskan seafood because they know it is guaranteed fresh, wild caught and sustainable, or simply because they prefer the look, taste, and […]

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Choosing Sustainable Products Like Alaska Seafood

Think that supporting sustainable seafood is not sustainable on your budget? It’s surprising just how many options are out there for people who want a great product that is sustainable. The thing is that not all sources spend the time or money on expensive labels that claim their product to be organic or environmentally friendly. […]

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Exploring Varieties of Delicious Alaska Seafood

Whether found and harvested at sea, from the icy glacial waters or the wild rivers of Alaska, shellfish are a delicacy that is coveted the world over. There are many varieties which are extremely popular, especially those that come from Alaska. Sustainable harvesting practices and the fresh, wild environment make the seafood products that come […]

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