How to Master a Good King Crab Legs Dish

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No other seafood producing region in the world has been as consistently or as emphatically lauded as the waters of Alaska, where one of the world's most high-tech, sustainable and clean fishing industries carries out its work. The quality of the seafood being harvested in Alaska has been preserved by the ecologically friendly methods put in practice, and the continued supply of seafood items has been guaranteed through the sustainable yields policy that reigns supreme in the state, being hallowed in the state constitution itself . Of the many excellent products being done in this fashion, few can compare with the Alaskan king crab in size and flavor.

It's necessary to know how to cook king crab legs, as this is the most common form in which Alaskan king crab is sold through the nation. Although some people have the good luck of being able to acquire raw, whole king crab, most of us have to suffice with the precooked, blast-frozen king crab legs that are sold in most seafood markets and supermarket frozen food sections. In reality, all of the flavor is left intact with this method of conservation, so the word "suffice" may be a bit misleading. Either way, the fact that they are precooked and frozen will influence your decision on how to cook king crab legs (or at least it should!).

The best thing to do is to let them thaw overnight in the fridge, so that by the time you get around to cooking them they are at room temperature inside and will only need the most minimal amount of cooking time. Place the legs on a rack and make sure there's something to catch the liquid that will inevitably drain from them; the defrosting process can be hastened by submerging the legs in room temperature water, although it is preferred to let them thaw as mentioned above, in the fridge with the liquids fully drained. With this done, the actual "how to cook king crab legs" is very simple, and only assumes a few minutes (5-8) in a steamer until the meat is warm inside. For a slightly more elaborate dish, it is possible to crack open the leg shells and remove the large strips of meat, whole, and include in an oven bake or broiler dish, and can even be slapped on the grill-it's up to you!

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