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Alaska has long been known as an industry leader in terms of working to combat such devastating and potentially irreversible practices as overfishing and bycatching. With global commerce on the rise in the past century, consumers in markets from China to England have begun to demand the availability of particular types of fish and seafood, whenever they should want it. This has led to a growth in harmful practices by fishermen and fisheries around the world, who work hard to reap the benefits of being able to provide such ample choices to these consumers. Careless fishing practices have started to take root, which have spelled the demise of ecological stewardship, moderation, and mindfulness. Such practices include trying to gather the largest catch possible, even if it means having to throw away thousands of fish which are not bought. Another common technique involved accidentally capturing other species of marine life which happens through the net or trap, and killing them needlessly while in search of the target species.

Practices like these have been slowly ruining aquatic habitats all around the globe, permanently harming fish stocks, as well as the local fishing-based economies and livelihoods of many small fishermen. Alaska, however, which includes itself among these fishing-based economies, has long been an industry leader in protecting against these very practices. Governmental agencies like the Alaska Department of Fish & Gamework with fisheries, fishermen, distributers, and consumers to ensure the harvesting, production, and consumption of fish that is not only fresh, but sustainable, as well. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game monitors the state's game, fish, and aquatic plant resources. This means setting forth rules and legislation that prevents overzealous groups from trying to bypass the system to their own gain by harvesting and selling too large an amount of fish during any given season.

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game, in addition to preserving the fragile and pristine Alaskan ecosystem for the benefit of present and future Alaskans, also guarantees that the freshest, healthiest products reach grocery store shelves. Consumers know that in choosing Alaska seafood, they are not only making a choice that tastes delicious, but one that they can feel good about, too.

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